Thirty Seven is a journalist-led content creation agency.
We believe the best stories are those that are shared — like when we were children huddled around a campfire. We use journalist principles to tell captivating stories through podcasts, webinars, online training courses, videos and captivating copy.

We believe storytelling underpins successful content marketing.

Journalists are the best story tellers in the world – they tell stories every single day and everything the media does involves storytelling.
This is why we are a journalist-led content marketing agency.
James White
8th June 2020 - 4 mins read
Tom Idle
2nd March 2020 - 6 mins read
Charles Abel
25th February 2020 - 6 mins read
James White
17th February 2020 - 6 mins read
Emily Stonham
13th February 2019 - 9 mins read

Every company wants to be an authority in their sector - those that engage the media usually are

Media First designs and delivers bespoke media and communications courses that use current working journalists, along with PR and communications professionals, to help you get the most from your communications plan.